Stressed? Down?
Having negative thoughts?
You are not alone.

Feel is here for you 24/7.

The Feel program helps you improve your mental wellbeing through a combination of Feel Emotion Sensor with personalized coaching.

How we help you Feel better:

Continuous Support

24/7 access to help, advice, and support you need, when you need it most.

Personalized guidance

A dedicated Feel Provider tailors the program to your needs so that you achieve the best and long-lasting result.

Resilience techniques

Learn coping techniques and develop long-term habits to build emotional resilience.

What it is

Feel Emotion Sensor
A wristband with integrated biosensors that continuously monitors a variety of physiological signals to understand the wearer’s emotional state and patterns over time
Feel App
A smartphone app that connects to the wristband to provide real-time support and evidence-based interventions (i.e. mood journaling, breathing exercises)
Licensed Feel Therapist
Weekly, 15-minute remote data-driven sessions with a designated licensed therapist with expertise in CBT
Educational Material
Online educational tools and classes that help you build resilience and positive long-term emotional habits
A wristband that monitors your physiological signals throughout the day and learns to recognize your emotional patterns.
The Feel mobile app connects to your wristband and responds in real-time to changes in your emotional state by providing practical advice, tools, exercises, and resources.
Custom action plan and weekly, 15-minute online sessions with your dedicated mental health expert, included in the program.
Online educational tools and resources that help you learn self-management skills to build resilience and long-term positive emotional habits.

Feel Safe

Feel emotion sensor recognize 5 emotions - Joy, Stress, Distress, Content, Sadness

Private & Secure

Your data belong only to you. We encrypt them with the highest security standards and share them with your Feel Provider only, to help you in the most effective way.

Created by Experts

The Feel program has come to life after the cooperation of skilled data scientists, researchers and Feel Providers; all of them doing their best to help you achieve a healthy emotional well-being. You are in good hands.

Feel emotion sensor recognize 5 emotions - Joy, Stress, Distress, Content, Sadness


I’ve been in therapy for years but for the first time I feel that the knowledge, skills and habits that I developed during this program will stay with me for the rest of my life.
It’s impressive how any change in my emotional states (positive or negative) was picked up immediately and I got a notification in the app!

It all starts with a single step