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our mission

We are revolutionizing the world of Mental Health.
Do you want to be part of a great change? Join us!

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Our Culture

At Feel, we strive to radically change the world of Mental Health and that is why we ‘re looking for people who care as much as we do.

We are

About our team, our product, our company, our customers and our partners. We are determined to participate and succeed as a team. We care for and protect each other. Our spirit is collaborative, and we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of our colleagues and partners.

We work hard, we hustle, we go the extra mile. We do whatever it takes to achieve our mission because we are driven by its ability to impact and change the world for the better.

Development internal, external and social. We are pursuing personal development and growth for our customers, our partners and ourselves.

Ultimately, we are at humble service to our mission. While our team is comprised of talented, highly-educated professionals, we value modesty. We are accepting and candied. Most importantly, we're grateful for the opportunities we've been given.

By the impact of what we do. We do something meaningful, something that will make a dent in the world. A can-do mentality underlies all that we do: to achieve the impossible and refuse to limitations, we make a difference.

Perks and benefits

Feel Happy
at work

A wellness program
that uses professional coaching to address the challenges in the workplace.

Feel the

Committed to help you exploit your full potential through continuous learning experiences and constructive feedback.


Talented people should work on hard problems. We tackle complex challenges, work hard and take risks.


Work next to a talented team and change tomorrow’s mental health industry. We think globally, stand outside the box and see our workmates as friends.

Cared for

We offer private insurance coverage to our employees.
Mental health begins from physical health.

Life at Feel