Precision Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health

Personalized Digital Therapeutic programs based on objective measurement and data.

Precision Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health

Data-Driven DTx for MDD & GAD

Feel DTx is the world’s first data-driven digital therapeutic program for the personalized treatment of depression and anxiety.

What does it include

Feel DTx, designed as an adjunct to care for MDD and GAD, teaches patients new skills and behaviors to empower them to self-manage their anxiety and depression, while providing real-time interventions and a dedicated health coach. The DTx is accessible via smartphone devices.

Data-Driven Real-Time Interventions

A smartphone app that provides real-time support and evidence-based interventions (i.e. mood journaling, emotion regulating techniques, cognitive restructuring exercises etc.).

Application for tracking emotions
Behavioral Health Coach

​Behavioral Health Coach

45-minute introductory session and weekly 15-minute remote data-driven sessions with a dedicated Board-Certified Health Coach trained in behaviour change.

16-week Digital CBT Program

Structured program based on CBT with weekly material and exercises meant to enhance knowledge, awareness of body-mind connection, cognitive restructuring, and build skills to increase resilience and long-term positive habits.

Application for Emotional Tracking
Emotion Sensor

Feel Emotion Sensor

A wristband with integrated biosensors that continuously monitors a variety of physiological signals to extract metrics and insights related to the mental health of an individual with the goal to increase engagement.

*The use of the Feel Emotion Sensor is optional


Feel DTx is offering digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to reduce symptoms of MDD and GAD. By providing cognitive restructuring and emotion regulating interventions, the program enables individuals to self-manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Depression decrease


Anxiety decrease


Quality of life increase


Life satisfaction increase


of participants demonstrated improvement in mental health outcomes


Feel DTx is a digital therapeutic intended for adults in the U.S. 18 years or older who are experiencing Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
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