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Feel Therapeutics Granted US Patent for its Emotion Detection Technology

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Feel Therapeutics

San Francisco, CA, October 20, 2022 - Feel Therapeutics Inc., a leading digital precision medicine company in mental health, today announced the recent granting by the United States Patent and Trademark Office of US Patent No. 11,410,682 entitled “Method for detecting and recognizing an emotional state of a user”.

The emotion detection technology developed by Feel Therapeutics is based on advanced machine learning and signal processing algorithms and methods. These algorithms analyze vital signs and identify patterns that correspond to specific emotions to offer personalized support or therapeutic interventions. The technology passively and continuously records physiological signals through a wearable device worn by the user, as well as data from voice and other digital sources from the mobile phone and Feel Therapeutics’ application. To achieve high precision measurement of the mood state of the user the wearable device features a continuous electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor developed by Feel Therapeutics. 

This patent reflects Feel’s commitment to enabling a new era of digital precision medicine in psychiatry, neuroscience, and beyond. It is part of a larger patent portfolio and intellectual property that the company has developed over the years” said Dr. Haris Tsirmpas, co-founder and CTO of Feel Therapeutics. “Powered by our large scale machine learning experimentation and psychophysiology analysis platform, this technology is addressing an urgent medical need by providing continuous, personalized, and timely support to individuals suffering from mental disorders.”

Enabling digital precision medicine for mental health by providing continuous, personalized, and proactive support and interventions.

The benefits of real-time emotion detection are numerous for both individuals and mental health providers alike. The technology offers continuous, passive, and objective data monitoring on the emotional state of a user, along with contextual information. This information allows healthcare providers to keep track of the users’ progress, and identify potential risks in between appointments. Based on this, the Feel Rx+ and DTx programs provide just-in-time and personalized support to individuals struggling with mental health issues by triggering the timely delivery of appropriate therapeutic or support activities, to avoid deterioration of symptoms or potential ER visits and rehospitalizations.

This technology has proven to be highly effective, as evidenced by a recent study published in Frontiers in Digital Health which assessed the feasibility, engagement, and preliminary clinical outcomes of Feel’s program for anxiety and depression. Notably, this study also demonstrated a very high average precision level (87%) in identifying emotional events passively using Feel’s emotion detection technology.

An important milestone in Feel Therapeutics’ intellectual property portfolio

We recently saw companies, such as Amazon, focusing on developing emotion detection wearable devices using voice recognition, and companies such as Fitbit and Verily, monitoring stress and other health markers with electrodermal activity sensing,” said George Eleftheriou, CEO and co-founder of Feel Therapeutics. “This showcases the importance of securing this patent for Feel Therapeutics in a booming market, and the importance of having developed a solid technology to translate digital data and physiological signals into precise metrics and insights related to mental health.”

Feel also has another four pending patents for further personalized, data-driven, precision therapeutics and diagnostics in the field of psychiatry and neuroscience. 

About Feel Therapeutics

Feel Therapeutics, Inc. is developing Digital Biomarkers and Therapeutics to bring objective data and measurement into the way we diagnose, manage, and care for mental health. The company is backed by top-tier investors (Felicis, Anthemis, SOSV) and has partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies to develop novel digital biomarkers and bring digital health solutions to market as standalone programs or alongside medications. Feel Therapeutics is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in Europe. For more information, visit or contact us at

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