Monday, June 1, 2020

Are you suffering from COVID-19-related anxiety?

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The Feel Relief Program is your emergency short-term mental health support program to help you deal with COVID19 anxiety

We are living in unusual times. We are currently in the middle of a global pandemic, where approximately 40% of the global population has experienced lockdown, and now social distancing and self-isolation is the norm. Stress and anxiety levels are high, coupled with people experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions means that mental health support and care matters now more than ever.

To help you protect your mental health and meet this growing demand for mental health care and support we have launched the Feel Relief Program.

Protect your mental health with the Feel Relief Program

If you are experiencing increased stress or uncertainty due to COVID-19, the Feel Relief Program is your emergency, mental health first-aid kit.

It is a four-week, fully remote mental health care program, designed to help you turn anxiety into a balanced emotional state with positive thinking patterns.

The program includes access to mental health resources, an app to journal your emotions as well as weekly online 15-minute sessions with trained coaches. Feel Relief evaluates your individual needs which enables our trained coaches to deliver the appropriate guidance, whether it be specific to work/life balance, new working from home schedules, fear of getting the virus, dealing with family members who have the virus, or grief over the death of loved ones.

For businesses who purchase the Feel Relief Program for their employees, the program will also offer group health webinars on various topics such as remote working and mental health, added parental stress due to COVID-19, quarantine relationship management and more.

How will the Feel Relief Program improve my mental health?

Through your weekly, remote sessions with your designated trained coach you will be taught self-management techniques to address your feelings and emotions which will help you during this period of crisis and in the future.

Through the sessions, personal journaling and the mental health resources you will also learn how to:

  • Handle excessive fear and worry about your health
  • Manage your emotions during social distancing such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating, remote working, feeling lonely
  • Cope with parenting stress during the pandemic
  • Handle sadness, anger, or worry because of the financial uncertainty of the future

If you are a compassionate business owner looking after the mental health of your employees, the Feel Relief Program will also help improve your employees’ motivation, productivity and collaboration. Additionally, with your employees experiencing better mental health you will see a reduction in medical expenses and employer costs due to absenteeism.

I think I need a longer-term solution

If you are looking for long-term mental health support, or have already been diagnosed with a mild to moderate mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression, please take a look at our regular Feel Program which would be a better solution for you.

How do I buy the Feel Relief Program?

Keeping your mental health in good shape is just as important as keeping physically fit right now. However, if you feel you need a personal trainer for your mental health to get you through, then click below to start right away.

If you would like to buy the Feel Relief Program click here.

If you are a business looking to provide assistance for your employees to navigate through the pandemic whilst maintaining morale and productivity, please contact us at

Make happiness a habit.

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